About us

Who We Are:

Agritunity is a dedicated organization focused on transforming the agricultural landscape in Kenya.

Our team comprises agricultural experts, market analysts, and passionate individuals committed to the advancement of farming communities across the country.

What We Do:

  • High-Value Cash Crops: We provide farmers with a diverse selection of cash crops, including tea, coffee, horticultural crops, flowers, macadamia nuts, and sisal. These crops are chosen for their high market value and potential to improve farmers’ economic status.
  • Agricultural Technologies: We introduce farmers to innovative farming techniques and technologies, such as drip irrigation, greenhouse cultivation, and integrated pest management (IPM), to enhance productivity and sustainability.
  • Market Support: Agritunity offers comprehensive market support, linking farmers with local and international markets to ensure they receive fair prices for their produce.

Our Commitment: We are committed to empowering farmers by providing ongoing training, resources, and support. Our goal is to help farmers adopt best practices in cultivation, improve their yields, and increase their incomes.

Through our efforts, we aim to enhance food security and contribute to the overall economic growth of Kenya.

Join Us: Join Agritunity in our mission to transform Kenya’s agricultural sector. Together, we can create a prosperous future for our farmers and our nation. For more information or to get involved, please contact us at [Agritunity Contact Information].

Our Mission

At Agritunity, our mission is to transform the agricultural landscape of Kenya by empowering farmers with the resources and support they need to achieve financial independence and prosperity.

We are dedicated to providing access to high-value cash crops, introducing innovative and sustainable farming practices, and offering comprehensive market support.

Our commitment is to enhance food security, promote environmentally responsible agriculture, and contribute to the economic growth of our nation by fostering a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector.

Our Vision

At Agritunity, our vision is to create a thriving and sustainable agricultural sector in Kenya, where every farmer has the opportunity to achieve financial independence and prosperity through innovative and environmentally responsible farming practices.

We aim to be the leading resource for Kenyan farmers by providing access to high-value cash crops, cutting-edge agricultural technologies, and comprehensive market support.

Our ultimate goal is to empower farmers, enhance food security, and contribute to the economic growth of our nation.